Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hunter or Gatherer

Just last night my friend John McClure and I were wandering around his backyard talking about stuff. In the middle of the conversation I asked John what he thought the most redneck name in the world is and his reply was "Hunter". I thought it a good although I don't necessarily agree, but anyway that got us thinking about pre-historic man and the hunter-gatherers.
Obviously everyone knows what a hunter is but what is a gatherer? What does one gather? In every re-enactment I've seen, pre-historic man lived in a cave and most of the land was barren. So again, what would a person gather? Our conversation then went into the fact that the gatherers were actually the homeless of the pre-historic community. If you couldn't hunt then you probably couldn't eat, which is why gatherers didn't eat, they just gathered shit.
Sorry to ramble, but the my question to you is, "Are you a hunter or a gatherer?"
Will you go out and make things happen or will you just gather other peoples stuff?

Just thought I'd pass along a little 5 a.m. reasoning...

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