Thursday, August 6, 2009

It appears true love isn't real, at least not TV true love. Ed Swiderski, recent winner of ABC's bacheloretter, is being accused of cheating by two different women. Jillian, playing the typical woman, doesn't believe in any way her man could cheat. Right. I'm sure it's everyone's dream to go on national TV and find their spouse through a process of elimination game show. Didn't one contestant already say he came on the show to gain exposure for his band? You go girl.

Aerosmith leadsinger, Steven Tyler, has been hospitalized after falling of stage in South Dakota. He reportedly was taken to the hospital because of neck and shoulder injuries, which are not sweet emotions.

A would-be thief was killed yesterday in Knoxville, TN when he broke into a house where the homeowner was waiting for him with a gun. Seventeen-year-old Arsenio Wooten was found behind 814 Carls Lane in South Knoxville. For those who are familiar with Knoxville, that's in between the Woodlands and Rivertown apartments. link

Sharon Stone, 51, is featured on Paris Match Magazine- topless. I won't post a link, but if one were to try to see the image they should probably type "paris match sharon stone" into Google and then go to images; just to see what comes up.

Big ups to my main man E (Eli Manning) who just got a new contract extension from the New York Giants. E (Eli for those not close to him- like me) will reportedly make $97.5 million over 6 years. Whoop there it is

Finally, I've reached a decision on my future in the job world. I've decided to accept the job with City Year Los Angeles, which means I'll be moving to LA at the end of the month. Hopefully I won't mess up the kid's lives too bad. Well that's all I got for now.

Farvel homies
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