Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cali is broke as a joke

"California, knows how to party!" Apparently, Tupac was right and he, along with the other inhabitants of California, might party a bit too much. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared July 28 as the day the day the state will officially go bankrupt unless a balanced budget is passed. "From Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay-area then back down" is going to be in trouble if lawmakers can't find a way to save California's economy.

It's not all bad on the financial front though. The Dow Jones rose over 150 points today, ending a four day slide.

Finally, with the 4th of July next weekend, I'm sure everyone will be going to some kind of cookout or party. With that said, for those of you on diets, one might be worried that they will eat unhealthy foods. Fear not! I found this list of food that is very filling, yet surprisingly healthy. Enjoy.

Hasta lavista, baby.


Matthew said...

I guess Will just copies and paste his blog of Yahoo’s news page.

Andrew said...

yeah, Will, you're supposed to be a blogger not a plagiarizer