Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Having kids is easy

Just have more sex. According to a report on foxnews.com, men who have sex everyday have a better quality of sperm, and therefore increase the chances of getting his partner pregnant. So it's simple; more sex = more babies. Interesting concept I know. link

This next story should sound familiar to John and Earwood. A guy in Cincinatti broke into a home and apparently didn't steal anything, he just hung out. Nicholas Truesdell, broke in and watched T.V. and drove the families' car for a week.
The reason the story should sound familiar to John and Earwood, is because the same thing happened to us in 2005. While we were away on fall break, two guys broke into our house and fixed food but didn't eat any; emptied our first-aid kit; turned on the shower but didn't use it; and one of them took a nap on our couch until our other roommate, Charlie, found him. The only difference is they stole John's Xbox and boombox, :'( .


Schindler's Fist said...

It sounds like these bandits did you a favor. You could have rinsed off in the already running shower and then ate the meal they prepared you. Video games rot your mind and the disappearance of the boom box made you all better neighbors. You owe them.

Will Powell said...

I never really thought of like that Schindler. Good point