Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday

The riots and outrage continue in Tehran as protestors continue to flood the streets. is reporting 19 deaths to this point, while some in the area have reported as many as 150. One of the local universities, Azad University, has postponed its exams after more than 200 students refused to take them.
In more of a feel good story, eight-year-old Jaylen Arnold, who suffers from Tourette's Syndrom, is doing something about the constant harrassment. Jaylen started a website to inform others about Tourette's and to form somewhat of a community for others who suffer from it. Here's a link to the CNN story: Jaylen's Story.
More good news! Gas prices could be falling soon, which is what everyone likes to hear. Hopefully, the decrease will within the week.
For all of you who follow the lives of eight kids and their parents, the wait for the "big announcement" will come to an end tonight. John and Kate Gosselin will make the announcement tonight on their hit show, "John and Kate plus Eight".
That's about all the news I have right now, but I will be updating throughout the day. Also I will start a new segment entitled "Connie's Corner" per request from Ms. Constance Richardson. The segment will look at politics around the country and globe.
Also, I noticed a few more followers to the blog. I'd like to say welcome and feel free to invite anyone else you think might be interested. Powering down.

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