Wednesday, July 29, 2009

After scouring the internet for over 5 minutes I found this article about a whale saving a diver's life. Yang Yun of China, was dragged to safety after her legs cramped up in frigid water. Jonah part 2 was obviously extremely grateful.

Gentleman Tim McGraw refused to continue performing until security removed a fan at one of his concerts. McGraw didn't think the man was acting as a noble should and demanded he be escourted out before he would get back to gettin' down. Iguess he is a real bad boy, but baby he's a real good man.

Listen to this, New York City officials are buying one-way plane tickets for homeless families so they can leave the city. As long as the families have someone who will take them in, the government will fly them anywhere they want to go. For those of you from Knoxville, imagine sitting next to "Larry" on a cross-country flight. link

Here's an interesting article about how your feet can be signs of medical problems you may have. I'm not going to summarize it for you because it's long. Read it yourself.

Since this has to do with Katy Perry, it's definitely news to me. My future bride showed off her humorous side when she got a fake tatoo of Josh Groban's name misspelled on her cheast. That's why I love her. Funny stuff

Hump day for those in the working world

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