Sunday, July 5, 2009

Well, after survivng a long weekend on the river I'm back to blow your minds. This entry will tell the tale of the weekend, with the biggest events listed in no partiular order.

-Dance-offs at 412 Grille in Parsons, TN. It may have been storming outside, but we made it rain on dance floor too. Boom

-Bikini contest at the T-Room. There's nothing like 60-year-old women, 5-year-old kids on their dad's shoulders and "Get Low" to top off Independence Day fireworks.

-Getting fried. Everyone got sun burned except Earwood, who somehow managed to "get whiter".

-I survived getting run over by a boat. Our boat wouldn't start when we were trying to get back, so we called someone from the marina to come get us. Eventually the boat starts and we head back to the marina. On the way, I was thrown from the boat and almost got run over by it right in front of the guy who was coming to tow us.

-River bars are fun. Johnny's and Lost Creek Boat Dock's Bar are two of the finer establishments on the Tennessee River.

Those are all the ones I could think of right now. If anyone remembers more, let me know.
Y'all have a good one now, ya' hear


Chris Earwood said...

I wish we would have run over you fo real.

Will Powell said...

fo real?