Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute Day

In case you've been living under a rock the past week, Michael Jackson died and today there will be a memorial service in his honor at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. With all of the hoopla surrounding it I thought it'd be a good day to remember others who have made an impact, not just on pop culture but humanity as well. They are in no particular oreder, just how they pop in to my head.

- First on the list has to be Father Abraham. Yeah the one from the Old Testament. This guy is the father of the world's 3 biggest religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. If that's not leaving a mark on the world, I don't know what is. Unfortunately though, his sons are also the reason there is still turmoil in the Middle East.

- How about John Lennon. One of the founding fathers of perhaps the greatest band of all time, the Beatles, they have more Billboard #1 hits than any other artist or group in history. The Beatles were so popular and well respected by other artists that Michael Jackson bought half of the rights to their music.

- Since our country's birthday just passed, why don't we honor a great american? How about Ron Jeremy. Gotcha, you perverts. I'm going with the father of our country, George Washington. Washington was the first president of our country, the commanding general during the Revolutionary War and probably his greatest achievement, he is the face of the dolla dolla bill y'all. He also has countless schools and universities named after him as well as towns and one of the 50 states. Oh yeah, he also has the nation's capital city named in his honor. Well done George, well done.

- Let's move on to one of history's greatest conqueror's, Alexander the Great. Alexander led his first troops into battle at age 18, after being educated by Aristotle. He eventually led his troops across most of Asia and nearly conquered the entire civilized world. However, Alexander died at age 33 and was buried in Alexandria in a golden coffin.

- Another legend of the ancient world who died at 33, and is probably history's most influential figure was Jesus Christ. Born a virgin birth in Bethlehem, Christ lived a life of peace and teaching. He lived so well, he never committed a sin. The self-proclaimed son-of-God, was persecuted his entire life and crucified at Gilgotha. The Bible says he conquered death and rose from the grave. This is the day Christians celebrate Easter. Interesting fact: Without Easter there would be no Christmas. If he hadn't risen, he would have been proven to be just another person, not the son of God. Therefore there would have been no reason to celebrate his birthday.

- "Hey Will, where are all the women at?" you might be asking about right now. Well here's one. Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and became sick when she was 19-months-old and lost her sight and hearing. Helen's parents hired a teacher for her, Anne Sullivan and the two eventually became close. Sullivan taught Keller to read and write in braile. She has become an inspiration to millions over the years.

- One of the greatest women and Americans to ever live is Harriet Tubman. Tubman was a runaway slave who led many slaves north to freedom along the underground railroad. Not only did she stare fear in the face, she also saved many Africans from a life of oppresion and showed women could lead.

These are a few of history's greatest stories, if you know any more, let me know.

celebrate we will, 'cause life is short be sweet for certain.

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