Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey, guess what? It's here. Friday that is. And it's my dad's birthday to boot. What does our family have in store for the newly appointed 54-year-old? Nothing. He and my mom are going to Nashville because he's playing in a softball tournament, so you know what that means...Party at the Powell's.

For those interested, Tiger Woods is -1 through 7 holes on his round, making him Even for the tournament(British Open). Leaderboard

A former plantation in Gerogetown, South Carolina is believed to be where first lady Michelle Obama's great grandfather was enslaved. Imagine that, you're just sitting there at your house and there's a knock on your door. It's an african-American family and they tell you they've traced their ancestors to being owned by your ancestors. Then imagine that family being the President of the United States' family. Awkward. link

And I thought men were suppossed to be the perverts. It seems that another female teacher has seduced one of her students in to sex, if you can really call it seduction. Heather Zeo is accused of seducing a 17-year-old and having sex with him in her minivan. She must have really gone on an Odyssey to reach her sexual con-Quest of a student. I wonder if she took the young man to Town and Country. Boo-yah.

Two suicide bombers killed themselves at the Marriot and Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta, Indonesia. Authorities believe at least six are dead and many more injured. The U.S. centered hotels frequently host leaders from around the world. Scary Stuff.

سلم عليها ("Peace Out" in Arabic)

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