Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shut up Sarah

In a recent interview, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, told reporters she wasn't a "quitter". She said she was a "fighter". I don't know if she is a quitter or a fighter, but I know for sure of one thing she is: annoying. I am so sick of hearing about her and the complaints she is constantly putting out there. Yeah, they made fun of you on Saturday Night Live. Guess what Sarah? You were the vice-Presidential candidate and that's what they do. David Letterman made a joke at your expense; whamp whamp. Your job is to run the state of Alaska the best you can and when you're in a presidential race, to support your candidate as best you can, not worry about what the media says. What would have happened if she and McCain had actually won? The jokes would have become ten times worse. Would she have stepped down as vice-President because the mean comedians kept taking jabs at her? Just think if every politician who was made fun of by SNL and Letterman quit because they couldn't take it? We'd be voting for people like me eventually, and that's a scary thought.
It's rumored that Palin is thinking of trying to run for the Republican GOP in 2012 and that is another reason she is stepping down. Good luck! If you can't take the criticism of running the state of Alaska, what makes you think you can take on the United States of America?
This whole thing is really starting to rub me raw(if you couldn't tell). I'll shut up now and let you get back to your life.
Hallelujah, I am done with the sermon.

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