Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moving to Michigan?

If so, you might want to do some reading before you go. Yesterday, 62 sex offenders were released after some confusion in the justice system. Authorities were able to track the offenders because they were wearing GPS devices. Gotcha!

Also, earlier this week seven students were shot at a bus stop near a Detroit high school. Many Michigan residents were upset about this and declined interview, but I was able to sit down with a local handyman and ask his thoughts on recent events. Here's a clip from our interview.

In world news, a story I've been following for a while added another chapter. The pentagon confirmed North Korea fired four short-range missiles yesterday. Concerns continue to grow following recent activity and provocation by North Korea the past few weeks.

For all of you warmongers out there don't worry, there are more conflicts going on. The U.S. recently began a 'major operation' in Afghanistan. One of the spots U.S. troops are targeting is a known opium hotbed. Sorry heroin addicts, you'll have to get your fix somewhere else.

For those in the housing market, you might want to look at this story and take a few notes. The notes you take should include making sure your new home has electricity and also that your new home is actually built.

And for those who want a history lesson, check this link out. It should passify your needs for a little while. Who knew President Johnson did something good in office? Way to go LBJ!

Take a look at the call-out shots on some of the other posts. It's good to see such an engaging dialogue between readers. Keep it up fellas, I enjoy it.(I know these sentences weren't necessarybut I needed a good way to plug Phil Collins)

On a final note in this post, I won't be writing as much the next couple of days, as I will be on the Tennessee River. I hope everyone has great weekend and stays safe. Everyone who resides in the great state of Tennessee also needs to remember that texting while driving is ILLEGAL now. Sorry Andrew, I guess you won't be able to update your status on Facebook while driving.


Fatty Freakbutt said...

I was really hoping you would comment on MJ's funeral the Staples Center. How appropriate, I wonder if the pallbearers are going to run out to Jock Jams and flashing lights.

Schindler's Fist said...
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Schindler's Fist said...

Will...I like how you have made us cognizant of some interesting news this time. Now, we would like to hear your thoughts on them (the point of a blog). One more issue; why wouldn't we want to live in Michigan if all of the offenders were caught? Just a few notes of my own inference. Anyhow, your blog credentials are progressing (while I know my opinions are inconsequential). Have a good weekend in good ole' TN. And tell people not to be too textually active anymore due to the legalities.