Friday, July 10, 2009

City of Brotherly Bigotry?

Say it ain't so. Apparently a swim club in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, has asked a group of black and mexican children not to return. Huntingdon Valley is a suburb of Philadelphia. After refunding their money, The Valley Club will not allow re-admittance to the group based on their race. Even though it is a private club, state officials will issue an investigation as to whether or not this indeed was a racailly stemmed action. link

There might be a reason Lady Gaga wants to ride someone's disco she can have a place to stay. While just dancing and singing might be a few her talents, balancing finances doesn't appear to be. She told in a recent interview she has gone bankrupt several times and after her next tour could be "homeless again". If this turns out to be true let's hope her poker face is as good as she says it is; maybe she can stay afloat in Vegas.

This story is probably the best news Brent Hamby could get. According to a study done by scientists at Oxford University in London, ugly men produce more sperm than attractive ones and therefore increase the likelihood of getting their partner pregnant. So what I'm trying to say is there is still a chance for Brent to find someone, even if she is a 40-year-old wanting a baby in the worst way.

Here's something that will make you a little queezy. This is an interview of a former Army general who believes 9/11 was an inside job. He makes some interesting points. If you don't believe him, go to Youtube and type in 9/11 coincidences. Watch a few and then make some opinions. These studies are not done by American journalists, but rather people who don't have anything to lose. It's quite intersting.

Ok, I know that last one came out of left field but I find it interesting and since it's my blog I get to write it. I really do suggest you go to Youtube and watch at least the first five, they make you think. However, I know the real news is that Hamby won't spend the rest of his life alone and Lady Gaga might spend the rest of her's without a home(that was almost a flow). Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you we won last night in softball. Good news! I hope everyone has a good weekend.


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