Monday, July 27, 2009

What's up homies? There's not much going on in the news world, at least none worth talking about. So I'm trying to figure out what to write about today. Let's see, I just had a phone interview with a woman from City Year Los Angeles about a position. I'm not sure about it though so we'll see. What else is going on...I'm going to play golf today at 5:30 which is nice. Oh yeah, I talked to Charlie Stinchfield today about moving out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming if a job in Nashville doesn't work out. And wouldn't you know it, a t.v. show about the Teton Mountains is on right now.

Hey I found some real news. New home sales went up 11% during the month of June which is good news. It's the largest increase in years. Raise the roof. Literally.

Ummmm....I'm reading a Jimmy Buffett book to pass the time. Where is Joe Merchant is one of Buffett's first books. It's an easy read but it constantly drops some of Buffett's song lyrics in the literature. It's kind of "toolish" but I don't mind.

If I find something worth posting I will.

Bon jour

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Fatty Freakbutt said...

The chance of you finding something worth posting is about as good as the Cardinals picking up Rolly Fingers before the trade deadline.